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The cannabis industry offers a new and exciting opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and workers to thrive in an emerging marketplace worth billions of dollars.

But the legalization of cannabis has also brought with it a new set of complex problems. Cannabis companies not only have to contend with standard business operations, they must also comply with a new set of complex regulations AND mitigate the risks associated with a high-risk product and cash-based business.

Our unparalled experience in the security, cannabis, and financial industries enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive security, compliance, and financial services that enable them thrive.

Health Care

Healthcare facilities face increasing scrutiny to maintain the highest levels of security for the protection of patients, staff and valuable equipment.

Progressive hospitals, diagnostic facilities, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and continuing care facilities seek a security provider with strong healthcare industry experience to help them plan and implement effective security measures, and to assist with security staffing. 

Silver Star has the experience and capabilities to successfully design, implement and manage even the most demanding healthcare security programs.


Students are the future of our great nation. Leading educational institutions are seeking innovative ways to protect their students in an increasingly threatening world. Silver Star is committed to creating and implementing custom security protocols for universities, high schools, elementary schools and other learning facilities. These programs offer unique security services for students, educators and administrators.

Our security professionals understand the unique education environment and are well-versed in the best practices and emerging trends in educational security.  Trust Silver Star to design & implement security plans that encourage a welcoming and secure environment.


Silver Star is a recognized leader in corporate security services.  Our clients have an obligation to provide a safe and secure work environment for employees, tenants, vendors, and visitors.  

Our discrete security protocol allows our clients to conduct business without interruption, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best…growing their business.

Event Management

Sporting events, concerts, seminars, conferences and private parties gather hundreds and perhaps hundreds of thousands of people together.  When the safety of so many is in your hands, you can trust Silver Star to deliver strategic security planning, consulting and security staffing services.  Our team of experienced security professionals understands the dynamics of public events and ensures a tight security perimeter to keep guests safe and feeling secure.

Our expert security planning team considers entrances, exits, perimeters, parking areas, vendor spaces and restroom facilities to ensure complete security. Whether you require video surveillance or comprehensive event security, Silver Star has the experience to develop a custom security plan for the enjoyment and safety of all.

Executive Protection

In an uncertain world, Silver Star Protection offers more than safety and security.  We offer a confident peace of mind. Our trained security and personal protection professionals are dedicated to vigilance, personal safety and uncompromising ethics.

We provide appropriate security measures, distinguishing between apparent security measures and discrete protective services.  Corporations and the most discerning executive clients trust our highly trained operatives to ensure their complete safety.




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