Packaging & Labeling

(410 ILCS 705/) Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

Section 55-21. Product Packaging and Labeling.

a) All cannabis products must contain warning statements established for purchasers, of a size that is legible and readily visible to a consumer inspecting a package, which may not be covered or obscured in any way. The Department of Public Health shall define and update appropriate health warnings for packages including specific labeling or warning requirements for specific cannabis products.

b) Unless modified by rule to strengthen or respond to new evidence and science, the following warnings shall apply to all cannabis products unless modified by rule:

“This product contains cannabis and is intended for use by adults 21 and over. Its use can impair cognition and may be habit forming. This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is unlawful to sell or provide this item to any individual, and it may not be transported outside the State of Illinois. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Possession or use of this product may carry significant legal penalties in some jurisdictions and under federal law.”.

c) Warnings for each of the following product types must be present on labels when offered for sale to a purchaser:

1) Cannabis that may be smoked must contain the statement:

“Smoking is hazardous to your health.”

2) Cannabis-infused products (other than those intended for topical application) must contain the statement:

“CAUTION: This product contains cannabis, and intoxication following use may be delayed 2 or more hours. This product was produced in a facility that cultivates cannabis, and that may also process common food allergens.”.

3) Cannabis-infused products intended for topical application must contain the statement:

“DO NOT EAT” in bold, capital letters.