Cannabis Security


  • SSPG has provided expert testimony to the Chicago City Council and other municipalities regarding cannabis security.
  • SSPG has provided safety, security, and compliance consulting to local law enforcement and our clients to ensure that our clients avoid penalties and remain in good standing with their communities.
  • SSPG has provided comprehensive compliance assessments to ensure that our clients avoid penalties and operate more efficiently.
  • SSPG has consulted with clients throughout the United States on their license applications to ensure that their security plans and procedures exceed regulatory standards.

Security Plans

SSPG has written comprehensive security plans for cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors throughout the United States.

Facility Design

SSPG has helped numerous clients design facilities, has consulted on their infrastructure security requirements, and has oversee their contractors during construction.

Security Guards

SSPG has staffed and supervised superior guard forces in Illinois and California without security incidents or violations. Our guards have been instrumental in preventing crime, safety violations, and product loss, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, courts costs, and lost product revenue.

Transportation Security

SSPG has successfully provided transportation security for our clients’ cannabis products and cash.



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